21st October, 2009 , 01:44 PM
Radio Rennessence is closing down for business. The three interviewers Philip Coppens, Corjan de Raaf and Andrew Gough can no longer combine the podcasting station with their many other individual engagements. It is with a sad heart that they have therefore chosen to stop publishing audio interviews. The site will remain online. The RSS News Service will also continue as it has for the last three years.


14th October, 2009 , 04:44 PM
Researcher & singer-songwriter Corjan de Raaf has published the video clip for his single "City of Secrets (the Grail in you)". The song was inspired by Patrice Chaplin's bestseller "City of Secrets" and deals with her relationship with the keeper of the Grail Josep Tarres.


14th October, 2009 , 04:41 PM
Researcher Ben Hammott has published some original drawings by Abbé Saunière, whose life and dealings are at the heart of the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château. The drawings were discovered inside the priests Atlas. They tell us a lot about Saunières fascination with the French royal line and as such confirm the suspicions he was a legitimist, in favour of making France a monarchy again.


27th September, 2009 , 07:08 PM
Andrew Gough's Arcadia website has been fully re-styled by artist Mark Foster who applied a radical and very colorful new design. As an opening gift, Andrew Gough is offering a full chapter by author Patrice Chaplin from her book 'The Door', sequel to 'City of Secrets'.


27th September, 2009 , 12:02 PM
Guy Patton's Rennes-le-Château book 'Web of Gold' was already a good book. Now available as 'Masters of Deception', the completely overhauled book is probably one of the best available today. It can be considered as the missing part three of the 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' & 'Messianic Legacy' trilogy that never appeared.


27th September, 2009 , 11:57 AM
Isaac Ben Jacob's book the Rise (co-authored by Sarah Fishberg) was controversial long before it hit the stores. The book takes a completely different approach on the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château and comes to some remarkable conclusions, meticulously analyzing the historical context of the time. You can now see what the fuzz is all about for yourself as the book is now available from the online booksellers.


27th September, 2009 , 11:46 AM
In his latest Blog, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" gives us a bit more insight in the events that happened around the filming of his famous BBC Chronicle Documentaries. The writer also comments on recent developments in the village of Rennes-le-Château and the moving of Saunière's tomb.


11th September, 2009 , 09:06 PM
JERUSALEM — The remains of a 2,000-year-old synagogue where Jesus may have preached were found on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, archaeologists said on Friday. The synagogue, one of the oldest ever found, was unearthed at Migdal, which Christians believe to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, a leading follower of Jesus.


6th September, 2009 , 01:39 PM
Dutch artist Corjan de Raaf will launch a single tomorrow inspired by the novel The Book of Love by American bestseller author Kathleen McGowan. De Raaf, who is also the creator of the Rennes-le-Château Research website, has written an unconventional lovesong around the love between Mary-Magdalene and Jesus.


6th September, 2009 , 01:37 PM
New evidence has been unearthed which hints at undiscovered treasure in the iconic Scottish church of Rosslyn. The 15th century church has been the subject of speculation over its hidden secrets since the publication of the Da Vinci Code, and some believe the chapel even hides the famous Holy Grail.


30th August, 2009 , 07:39 PM
In a new article on her website, american author Margaret Starbird analyzes Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper. She shares some very interesting observations and connections involving the hovering Grail.


8th August, 2009 , 11:48 AM
In Austria, researcher Christof Summer, has discovered a colored copy of the painting that served as the original for the altar in Rennes-le-Château. This altar is pivotal to many modern lines of research into the mystery associated with the village and its enigmatic priest Berenger Saunière.


5th August, 2009 , 02:59 PM
The Radio Rennessence team interviewed punk legend Rat Scabies (Chris Millar), who was fed the mystery of Rennes-le-Château through his baby bottle. Today he is a recognised authority in the field. Rat's quest for the Holy Grail was the topic of the hilarious book Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail. Only on Radio Rennessence.


29th July, 2009 , 10:18 PM
Greg Rigby’s The God Secret claims to uncover a startling truth about the greatest mystery of all times: the origins of the Judeo/Christian God and its religious teachings. This book contains relevant data and evidence of how myths beginning as early as 6750 determined what most Christians recognize as truth.


29th July, 2009 , 10:13 PM
Henry Lincoln is probably responsible to a very large extent for what the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château is today. It was Henry who introduced the story to the English language audience. Henry has launched a new website and blog for his fans, followers and anyone else with an interest in the mystery.


29th July, 2009 , 10:11 PM
In a guest article for the RLC Research pages, acclaimed author and researcher Margaret Starbird gives her views on the Sacred Union between Jesus and Mary-Magdalene.


23rd July, 2009 , 09:29 PM
Have a look at the trailer for Philip Gardiner's upcoming DVD about Dan Green's research into what he calls 'the extinction of the Holy Bloodline'. Was Mary Magdalene murdered? Did the Catholic Church conspire to eradicate the Holy Bloodline from existence?


31st May, 2009 , 01:58 PM
Radio Rennessence interviewed 'elder statesman of Rennes-le-Château' Tim Wallace-Murphy. Listen to a provocative interview about the Grail, the Spear of Destiny, Freemasonry and the Sacred Bloodline of Jesus.


30th May, 2009 , 04:14 PM
On 29th May, an unknow French researcher published a photo of the Death Certificate of Antoine Bigou on the forum of Le Rendez-Vous des Chercheurs. According to the document, the priest Bigou died on 20th March 1794 in the town of Collioure on the French Mediterranean shore. This news means a major breakthrough in the research of the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château. Bigou was the death bed confessor of Marie de Blanchefort who allegedly told him a great secret, to be re-discovered by Father Saunière of Rennes-le-Château more than 100 years later. Until now, Bigou was believed to have died in exile in the Spanish town of Sabadell, where many local priests fled after the French Revolution took charge of their churches.


24th May, 2009 , 11:50 AM
William of Gellone (Guillem de Gellone) is one of the true heroes of Medieval France. He is frequently linked to the Holy Grail and features prominently in Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the controversial bestseller by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.


24th May, 2009 , 11:50 AM
Renessence has learned that Andrew Gough has succeeded Web of Gold author Guy Patton as Chairman of the long standing Rennes-le-Chateau research society: The Rennes Group. For those not familiar, the Rennes Group has distinguished itself with scholarly research distributed in quarterly journals over the past 17 years.


17th May, 2009 , 08:06 AM
Staff at Shugborough Hall may have uncovered another clue that links the Cannock Chase stately home with the quest for the Holy Grail. An ancient paper cross has been found tucked in the roof space. The paper appears to have been deliberately torn from newspaper into the shape of the Cross of Lorraine and dates from 1794.


17th May, 2009 , 08:03 AM
Author D.A. Chadwick has written Rennes-le-Château: The Point of Origin. The lead character, Sarah Cabot, is a descendent of Joan of Arc and becomes queen of France in the near future. Once crowned, Sarah discovers the shocking secrets that lie beneath the villages of Rennes le Chateau and Perillos.


19th April, 2009 , 07:31 PM
On Société Perillos, André Douzet elaborates on the two registers of the Royal Notary Courtade from the early 1600s. It is from one of these that André deducted the existence of a royal sacred tomb in the area around the ruined village of Perillos, near Perpignan. Douzet also reacts on recent suggestions concerning the authenticity of the manuscripts and the existence of the tomb.


16th April, 2009 , 09:40 PM
Soon after the First Crusade, a Relic containing the Holy Blood arrived in the Belgian city of Bruges. In another co-operation with author-researcher Patrick Bernauw, RLC Research features one of its biggest articles to date building a bridge through history from the Holy Blood of Bruges to the Holy Grail and Rennes-le-Château.


15th April, 2009 , 09:04 PM
The Abbey of Orval in the Belgian Ardennes region has a long history involving many of the usual Treasure Mystery suspects. Patrick Bernauw recounts tales of the Knights Templar, Nostradamus and the Treasure of the last Bourbon King.


6th April, 2009 , 03:18 PM
Medieval knights hid and secretly venerated The Holy Shroud of Turin for more than 100 years after the Crusades, the Vatican has claimed. The announcement is meant to solve the mystery of the relic’s missing years. Is it also meant to imply that the Vatican is suggesting the Shroud is a genuine relic, and the carbondating is erroneous?


6th April, 2009 , 11:56 AM
Belgian author Patrick Bernauw queries whether the story of Rennes-le-Château is based on the story of the Grail in Bruges, where we stumble upon an equally enigmatic priest. In fact, the man featured in the infamous La-Bas novel, by Huysmans, which speaks about Satanic masses.


6th April, 2009 , 11:55 AM
Société Perillos continue their exploration of the overlay of the Tree of Life that is not only located on the garden/church/cemetery complex of Rennes-le-Château, but which is also present inside the church itself. The question is: which solution is the right one? All input desired…


6th April, 2009 , 11:29 AM
RLC Research continues to publish unique material shedding new light on the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. This time it concerns an engraving from 1850 that has without any doubt served as the original for the bas relief of the altar in the church of Rennes-le-Château. For decades this depiction of Mary Magdalene praying in a grotto has fuelled theories and speculation on the origins of Abbé Saunière's alleged discoveries.


1st April, 2009 , 08:57 PM
The large Bas Relief in the church of Rennes-le-Château has long been considered pivotal to the mystery surrounding the 19th century French priest Bérenger Saunière. A part of the enigma is now de-mystified as the probable source for the image that was found some years ago is now published on the internet for the first time.


30th March, 2009 , 10:00 AM
Following on from The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, the next Dan Brown novel turned into a blockbuster movie, is once again targeted by the Vatican, who is inviting Catholics to boycott the movie. Earlier, the Vatican had denied access to the Vatican, for the shooting of those scenes set in that and other churches in Rome.


12th March, 2009 , 10:28 PM
The research team around Isaac Ben Jacob launched its internet site today. The first article deals with Gerona, St. Narcissus and the Merovingian Kings. Apart from the website, Isaac Ben Jacob has also opened an internet forum to discuss topics around the mystery of Rennes-le-Château online with other researchers and enthusiasts. The forum is intended for both the English and French speaking audience.


24th February, 2009 , 09:51 PM
Kathleen McGowan, author of The Expected One, has come across a painting in the wall of a church in Hungary. She argues it is a representation of Mary Magdalene, possible executed by Dosso Dossi, and that the woman could be Lucrezia Borgia. McGowan promises to keep her audience informed about future tests executed on the painting.


22nd February, 2009 , 11:20 AM
Radio Rennessence interviewed bestseller author Kathleen McGowan. Kathleen McGowan’s publishing career began with the debut of her novel, The Expected One, on the New York Times bestseller list. The Expected One, along with the anticipated sequels that make up The Magdalene Line series, is based on 20 years of research on four continents into the history of women in Christianity and their long-forgotten role in the development of global spirituality. During her time abroad, McGowan’s quest was fueled by international folklore, mythology and universal storytelling in Europe and the Middle East. Her passion for legends that speak to the human spirit has earned her a devoted, worldwide fan base while making her a bestseller worldwide. A third generation native of Hollywood, Kathleen is as comfortable in the film world as she is in publishing, and has multiple film and television projects in various stages of development.


11th February, 2009 , 09:16 PM
Ben Hammott is a researcher and first time author whose work is of considerable interest to the greater Rennes-le-Château community. This is because his discoveries, once confirmed, may prove to be the most significant in the history of Rennes-le-Château, even if the sceptics rant otherwise. What has Hammott discovered and why is his research so controversial? Details of Hammott’s finds are revealed on his website and include a tomb discovered when his camera fell down a crevasse in a cave and filmed a room with red cross on a white sheet draped over a coffin.


11th February, 2009 , 09:16 PM
Celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller has bought a tiny Scottish island he believes has links to the pyramids at Giza and the Knights Templar. Geller paid £30,000 for The Lamb, an uninhabited lump of volcanic rock in the Firth of Forth. He claimed he felt a "strong instinctive urge" to buy it after reading it was for sale. The self-proclaimed mystifier said he is convinced the island is one of the most significant sites in the UK. The Lamb is the middle of three rocky islands, the others being Craigleith and Fidra - which are said to mirror the layout of the pyramids at Giza, in Egypt. "This island has links not only to the pyramids, but to King Arthur, King Robert the Bruce and to the ancient Kings of Ireland too," Geller added.


11th February, 2009 , 01:58 PM
American firefighter Mike Bishop claims he has solved the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau by researching tombstones and other historical symbols in the French region. His main discovery is a stained glass window in a stone room in France that he claims depicts the locking rods of the ArK of the Covenant. Bishop says the locking rods are on the list of treasures of Solomon’s Temple that are on the Copper Scroll, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


6th February, 2009 , 07:22 PM
French archeologist and author Christian Doumergue is one of the country's foremost expert on Mary Magdalene. He traced back ancient documents about Mary Magdalene and discovered the Roman Emperor had an underground Tomb built. Perhaps for the mummy she brought with her from the Holy Land.


6th February, 2009 , 07:08 PM
Ani Williams interviewed author and playwright Patrice Chaplin about her book City of Secrets. Chaplin has published more than 25 books, plays and short stories. Her most notable work includes Albany Park, Siesta, which was made into a film staring Jodi Foster and Isabella Rossellini, Into the Darkness Laughing, Hidden Star, Night Fishing, and Death Trap.


31st January, 2009 , 06:09 PM
Radio Rennessence has an exclusive sneak preview into the new Saunière museum in Rennes-le-Château that will re-open on March 1st of this year. Antoine Captier, Christian Doumergue and Mariano Tomatis restored and recovered many of the historical documentary sources and created 30 panels for display in the new museum.


24th January, 2009 , 09:10 PM
Researcher Corjan de Raaf keeps expanding his website Rennes-le-Château Research and Resource, better known as RLC Research. New articles have been added on the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Marceille, the pilgrimage site of Arles-sur-Tech and enigmatic French author Maurice Leblanc, creator of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. The site also features an exclusive excerpt from Filip Coppens' new book Servants of the Grail in which the research journalist identifies the real-life characters of the Grail legend. Not to be missed.


22nd January, 2009 , 10:18 AM
The museum in Rennes-le-Château has undergone a complete makeover and will be reopened on March 1st. The museum will be baptized Museum Bérenger Saunière. The refurbishment follows the approval of a proposal by sympathetic Italian reseacrher Mariano Tomatis to the Association Terre de Rhedae and the Community Council. Central to the exhibition will be 30 panels in 4 languages that describe and display Rennes-le-Château before, during and after Saunière. Tomatis is supported by Terre-de-Rhedae's chairman Antoine Captier and vice-chairman Christian Doumergue.


21st January, 2009 , 08:29 PM
Earlier this year, research journalist Philip Coppens released his book Servants of the Grail. Like no other Coppens disects the Grail legends until the facts appear. He now makes the link to the Tarot,


21st January, 2009 , 11:51 AM
After Abbé Saunière of Rennes-le-Château had finished the construction of his domain in 1907 he had a series of postcards produced. For the set he selected 33 photos of his domain, the Church, the Château Hautpoul, the village and one or two locations in the vicinity to which he attached special relevance.


21st January, 2009 , 11:45 AM
New discovery supports belief that the Ark of the Covenant is in Yemen after a new tablet was dug up. The shard and other artefacts were found at the site of Khirbet Qeiyafa, overlooking the Valley of Elah where the Bible says the Israelite David fought the Philistine giant Goliath.


18th January, 2009 , 08:28 PM
German potholer Peter Ernst is a veteran Rennes-le-Château researcher. Like no other, Ernst has explored the world that lies beneath Rennes-le-Château. The geological underground of the area has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. There are many small and some enormous cavities to be found that are often interlinked. This has lead to plenty of speculations about there being underground structures, a vast replica of the Temple of Solomon, corridors, subterranean lakes, a UFO garage just to name a few.


18th January, 2009 , 06:42 PM
Radio Rennessence returns and interviews the English researcher Guy Patton, author of the superb Rennes-le-Château conflict and conspiracy book, Web of Gold. He’s lived in Malta, spent a lot of time researching in the Languedoc and now lives in England, where he chairs the esteemed ‘Rennes Group’, one of the genre’s most respected Rennes-le-Chateau research and discussion groups. Patton offers a unique blend of historical and political perspective on the mystery.


17th January, 2009 , 06:12 PM
Philip Coppens visits the Chapel of the Holy Blood in Bruges, and sketches the history of this enigmatic relic. Even though he discounts it as being the “true Grail”, that doesn’t mean the relic isn’t without its own enigmas.


17th January, 2009 , 06:10 PM
André Douzet has delved into the archives, in an effort to find traces of mining activity in Perillos. Eventually, he discovers a unique document that proves – despite what everyone else claimed – that the region had mines. There could even be a connection with Saunière.